Our Company

Distributor of activated carbon in cooperation with one of the leading manufacturers of activated carbon in the world to meet the various needs of activated carbon in the domestic market. Our customer base ranges from large companies chemistry, gold refineries, oil companies, Glycerin Procesing, water treatment project, the processing of sugar and municipalities.

Our Mision

Trying always been a part of both labeled life, business and service our products. We supply activated carbon MUI certified, NSF, the ISO with high quality throughout Indonesia with reasonable price and timely delivery. Provide consulting and solutions in every issue for many types of activated carbon for effective and efficient results.

Our Product

Providing a complete range of products of coconut shell based activated carbon, coal and wood, with the form of granules, powders and pellets. Our activated carbon can be used in various applications, such as: air, gas, water and cooking oil. Our products have a wide range of pore sizes and structures with different absorption capacity.